Retail Customers – FAQ’s

Q: What methods of payment are accepted?
A: BMAC provides several convenient methods for paying your bill:

Check or Money Order
Direct Deposit or ACH to Bank of America or Wachovia

1. You can mail back your coupon or statement pay stub and pay via check or money order (NOTE: be sure to write your account number on your check). See next question for mailing address.

2. In most states, you can take the bottom portion of your statement and go to any local Bank of America, or Wachovia Bank branch and pay there. Be sure to check the bottom of your statement for the participating bank in your state.

3. MoneyGram – go to any MoneyGram location (including all Wal Mart stores) and use complete the Blue Moneygram Express payment form as follows:
Receive Code : 5580
Pay To : BM Auto Capital, Hallandale, FL
Account Numbe r: Your Loan Account number MUST be included
Please note that a Moneygram fee will apply.

4. You may call Customer Service and make a direct check phone payment by calling (954) 302-4547.

**PLEASE NOTE: If this is one of your LAST THREE PAYMENTS or a PAYOFF, you CAN NOT pay using a check over the phone. You must either pay by mail or MoneyGram.

Q: Where do I mail my payment?
A: Please mail all payments to

BM Auto Capital, LLC,
PO BOX 85010, Hallandale, FL 33008
(IMPORTANT: include your social security number and account number on your check or money order.)

Q: How do I change my billing address or phone number information?
A: Please call the Customer Service at (954) 302-4547.
Q: How can I get a copy of my recent statement?
A: Go online and to review your payment history or call Customer Service at (954)-302-4547
Q: How do I know if my last payment has been received?
A: Go online to verify payment history or call Customer Service at (954)-302-4547
Q: How do I get a pay-off amount for my loan?
A: Go online or call the Customer Service at (954)-302-4547