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BM Auto Capital, LLC (BMAC) is a privately held auto finance company, based in South Florida, servicing customers who have purchased used vehicles with less than prime credit. BMAC purchases retail installment contracts from independent dealers and services the loans to maturity. For many consumers, car loan financing can .......

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Today's Dealer faces numerous business challenges: buying and wholesaling of inventory, retailing product, managing cash flows/inventory, and finding suitable financing for those "tough to finance customers." BM Auto Capital, LLC not only prides itself as an excellent choice .........

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Life is a never ending journey of ups and downs. Unfortunately, you can pick up a bad credit rating along the way that sticks with you for a long time. At BMAC, we know that bad situations are usually temporary, and we strive to bring feasible solutions to troubled borrowers. This is why we not only provide car loans to customers with a good credit rating, but we also value the need for bad credit auto loans. BMAC has a great loan package for you, regardless of what your credit situation may be.

BMAC Differs From Others:

A bad credit rating can come from many different directions, often when you least expect it. It can be the result of late or missed loan payments, mortgage trouble, bankruptcy, legal issues or repossession of a home or auto, among other things. These things can leave bad marks on your credit history, or in extreme cases, with no credit score at all.

Even self-employment can harm your credit score. Miss one loan payment or get hit with an unexpected expense, and your good credit rating can plummet. This is especially painful when you find a vehicle that you need for your family or business, but cannot own because of a negative response from the dealership. This is where BMAC can come to your rescue with a wide variety of solutions such as car loans for bad credit.

How We Help at BMAC:

At BMAC, we are determined to prevent such a thing from happening to anyone who comes through our doors. Even if you have been refused auto loans several times in the past, we can help you. When it comes to BMAC, don't think that the car you want is out of reach. We can help you whether you want a modest fleet vehicle or a top of the line luxury car. We will work hard to get you behind the wheel.

We know how hard it is to ask for credit, especially for those who have been refused bad credit auto loans before. It can seem like an impossible task, especially if you're afraid of being turned down again. But at BMAC we have endeavored to make everything simple, and to put you at ease. We have employed a great team of specialized professionals who specialize in difficult loan situations. They will help you find a solution quickly and discretely. Our BMAC team will show you the various options that are available to you, and help you get a loan with agreeable terms that you can afford.

Our loan professionals are friendly and knowledgeable people who are concerned with only one thing - to help you get the financing that you need. They are not concerned with any problems that you had paying your loan payments in the past. They only want to be sure that you will be able to make your payments now. BMAC's loan professionals are here to work diligently on your behalf.

A Big Plus at BMAC:

If you are one of the many people in need of bad credit auto loans, give BMAC a call or walk through our doors. We are here to help you every step of the way. We will help you fill out your loan application and forward it to the right place. BMAC has nurtured and cultivated good relationships with a variety of lenders, the majority of whom offer fantastic interest rates that are affordable for everyone. With your budget and circumstances in mind, the BMAC team will work to get you the best possible deal so that you can walk out the door and get in your new car. The application process itself will take little time, and a decision will be provided in a speedy manner. You also don't have to worry about your home being used for collateral; at BMAC that never happens.

We also have great news for those of you looking for a great car. BMAC has a huge fleet of vehicles that you can choose from. Your bad credit history does not mean that you have to settle for a second rate car. At BMAC you are free to choose any car that your heart is set on. No matter your budget, BMAC will find a deal that will work for you. They even take care of the paperwork for you. So whatever your credit rating, if you're in the market for a new car, come to us. We promise to help you get the car that you have been dreaming of.